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Concurrent Enrollment (CE) And

ASCENT Program for 9th-12th Grade Students

HOPE Academy is excited to make available the Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT Program for our high school students. We are unique amongst other high schools in Jefferson County in that we make available a much broader range of classes, by allowing our students to attend college classes at the local Community Colleges, and at times the local Universities. We currently have students at Arapahoe Community College, Community College of Aurora, Front Range Community College, and Red Rocks Community College.

At HOPE Academy, we have a high percentage of participation by our high school students who choose to apply to participate in the CE Program, which typically occurs in their Junior and Senior year. As well, many students qualify to continue into their 13th year as an ASCENT student, following a chosen degree pathway and providing additional college credit. Our students gain credit both for high school and for the transition into a college, post-high school (or earning dual credit). The beauty of this program is that students can gain needed college credit, at no cost to them for tuition. There are many other advantages to students participating in the CE and ASCENT Program –

     1. Students gain college credit that can be transferred to their destination college, post high school. Many students may even earn an Associates Degree by the time they graduate from high school.

     2. All college classes are transcripted with a weighted average, improving the student’s GPA, making them more eligible for scholarships.

     3. Colorado data indicates students who participate in postsecondary programs, while in high school, are more likely to continue/complete college programs.

     4. Students may participate as part-time or full-time students in the CE Program.

     5. A student may participate as full-time students in the ASCENT Program.

Please read the additional information below regarding the Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT to learn more about this fantastic program

Community College of Aurora.jpg

Community College

of Aurora

Red Rocks Community College.jpg

Red Rocks

Community College

Front Range Community College.jpg

Front Range

Community College

Arapahoe Community College.jpg


Community College

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