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Curriculum Lending Library

     As part of the services available to HOPE Academy families, we offer an extensive curriculum lending library. In our library, we have a very comprehensive collection of books to use in class as well as at home. All of our classroom books are distributed to the students by the teacher at the beginning of each school year or semester. The lending library is for parents looking to supplement or for our homeschooling families who need a curriculum to use at home.

     The curriculums that are borrowed can be checked out for the entire school year. There are no payments made by the family unless the books are:

     1. Consumable (the purpose of the book is to be written in and then disposed of)

     2. Damaged/lost and is in need of being replaced.

     A family with Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd-grade students will be allowed two free consumables for each student in the before-mentioned grades.

     A curriculum that is not in our library may be requested, but may not always be approved for purchase. The textbook coordinator must check the curriculum for content and price prior to approval. The deadline for ordering new curricula is September 30th, but the library is available throughout the year.

     To the right is a guide to the curriculum that HOPE offers and an ordering form. Please read the ordering sheet carefully, fill it out and submit it to the book coordinator.

Contact the Curriculum Coordinator, 

Jewel Regier

                 at: or


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