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Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up & Parking Procedures

Safety is one of our top priorities, and dropping-off/picking-up your children is a time to remember proper safety procedures. The following map/traffic pattern and procedures below will be followed:

Procedure for Elementary Student Drop-Off -- Parents may drive past the Secondary Building (hug-and-go), and release your children through the west facing doors (until 8:00 am), or park in front of the Elementary (Church) Building, and drop off/walk your children in for Elementary classes.

Procedures for Elementary Student Pick-Up -- At the end of the 6th-period class (3:30 pm), Teachers will take all Elementary Students to the Gymnasium for Parent Pick-Up. Each Teacher will remain with their respective students until they are released to a designated person (usually their parent). Parents can park in front of the Gymnasium to gather their children, or in the South Parking Lot. No student will be released to walk/run to a car that is parked in the lot (in front of the gym or south parking lot) where a parent may be waiting. A parent must come to the front of the Gymnasium to get their children.

Procedure for Secondary Student Drop-Off -- Drop-off for Secondary students will be much the same as Elementary students. You may drive past the Secondary Building (hug-and-go), and release your children through the west facing doors (until 8:00 am), or have students go to the front door, around the back of the building. 

Procedure for Secondary Student Pick-Up -- Secondary students will be released to the "green grass area in the center," between the two buildings, which will make it convenient for the "hug-and-go system" for pick-up in the drive-through by the secondary building. Students are supervised but can move about more freely for pick-up.

Parking Map.png

Traffic can enter at one of two entrances:

        1. First West Entrance on the West side of the Elementary Building.

        2. Second West Entrance on the East side of the Elementary Building.

        3. When using either entrance, please choose to continue toward the front of the secondary building, or turn and park in front of the Elementary Building where you can use the "hug-and-go" drop-off method or park in the south lot.

        4. Traffic exiting the property -- Exiting can be done by following the flow of traffic, passing the Secondary Building, and exiting in the one-way drive (see arrows on map).

        5. If you need to Park -- Parking for all students and parents will be in the South end parking lot, and in front of the gymnasium.

PLEASE DO NOT PARK in front of the church, next to the grassy area. This is for church staff and their visitors only.
        6. Secondary Building/Visitors & Guests -- The two classroom doors will be open for students to enter until 8:00 am. At that time, all students, visitors, and guests will need to enter through the office door located around the back of the Secondary Building (see signs for directions).

        7. NO PARKING in the drive-through areas -- It is dangerous to students exiting cars and entering the building.

        8. Speed Limit -- The property does have a steep hill shortly after entering the property. Please use a 10 mph speed limit, and watch for children, parents, or staff moving from building to building.

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