Enrollment Policy

​HOPE Academy is currently accepting new student enrollment. HOPE adheres to the Jefferson County School District's Choice Enrollment Policies and Procedures for student priority placement. HOPE's enrollment procedures are as follows for all HOPE school years:

1. Students are accepted on a space available basis. We currently have capacity in some areas.


2. First Round Choice Enrollment - Between January 9-31, please complete the First Round Choice Enrollment Form and return it to HOPE Academy, Attn: Jewel Regier, Office Manager through email, jregier@hopemustangs.net. Round one applications are prioritized through a lottery process; in-county applicants will be processed in the first lottery, out-of-county applicants will be processed in the second lottery. Parents/Guardians will be notified no later than mid February, but likely earlier. Waiting lists are created if applicants exceed space available at the school. A separate application must be completed and submitted for each child.

3. Second Round Choice Enrollment - Between mid February (dates change from year-to-year) & August 31st - Enrollment will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis. Students will be added to the waitlist created from the First Round Choice Enrollment if needed.

4. Upon receipt of the Choice Enrollment Form (per student), and determination for capacity has been made, enrollment information will be provided for completion and return to HOPE Academy. For secondary students, this must include a copy of the student's current grade reports and/or transcript.

What is a HOPE Student?

​- Motivated and Learns to Love Learning for a Lifetime -- Enjoys Having Fun!

- Engages in Creative and Collaborative Learning Experiences.

- Explores 21st Century Technology.

- Great Communicator - Shares their Thoughts, Asks Questions, and Explores Ideas.

- Develops Critical Thinking Skills Through Engaging Discussions.

- Is Innovative and Inventive.

- Demonstrates a High Level of Character.

- Is Involved with their Academics; Completing Homework and Studying as Needed.

- Takes Pride as a HOPE Student, and is Actively Involved.

Contact Us to Schedule a Meeting with the Director

Terry Johns


303-431-0796 Phone


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Our Mission: To provide professional support, curriculum, and resources for K-12 students allowing the successful partnership between home and a school environment.
Our Vision: Students, both traditional and homeschooled, through unique pathways, attain educational excellence leading to college or the workplace.