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Remote-Online Learning Community for Elementary & Secondary Students
2020-2021 School Year


If you are not used to working with your student at home, here are some very useful tips:

  • Create a daily schedule based on schoolwork. Wake, eat, dress, at the same time every day.

  • Prioritize the schedule based on when kids are most focused.

  • Get the bulk of your important work done during the kids’ nap/lunch/technology time.

  • Set boundaries and communicate them to your kids. Explain how you are juggling their school and your own work and you need their help to navigate everything.

  • Tell them when you need to be in “do-not-disturb” mode. Have kids make signs (stop sign, thumbs up/down) that you tape to your work area to show when it is okay/not okay to interrupt.

  • Take necessary breaks. Don’t overextend yourself due to the remote work dynamic.

  • Every hour of work warrants a 10-minute break. Walk, snack, stretch...wake up your brain!

  • Reward good behavior. No interruptions, focused work = fun activity, small prize, tv show, etc.

First, Elementary Parents/Students will now need to be included in the Online Learning. We realize that our Elementary families are completely homeschooling, so we will hopefully make this as easy, fun and not super time consuming for everyone. The following instructions will need to be followed:

Teachers will be sending assignments through Google Classroom. We know this is a new platform for Elementary parents/students to use, but it is the most common way of communicating in a virtual way for educational instruction. We will also be utilizing a Google Form for each student/class (or with parental help) to respond to their assignments. This should make it very quick and easy to complete what is needed.

Schedule for teachers to send instructions and be available to respond to any questions:

1. Students will receive assignments by the 9:00 start time each Monday. This will likely come all at once on Monday for all classes for the day.

2. The classes will not be synchronous necessarily, or occurring as a seat-time based system. Teachers were given a schedule on Monday that they will be available for instruction and questions/discussions, should that be needed. The following schedule will be available:

      a. Teachers who are at school all day -- Available Monday - 9:00 -12:00 (Instructional Time/Questions from students), and then 1:00 - 3:00 (Teachers will be available via Google Hangout or email to support individual students questions). Ms. DeWitt, Ms. Jones, Ms. H (Hossler), Ms. Liz, Mr. Martinez, Mr. Moreno, Ms. Scott,

     b. Teachers who are at school for only Four Classes -- Available Monday - 9:00 - 11:00 (Instructional Time/Questions from students), and then 12:00 - 1:00 (Teachers will be available via Google Hangout or email to support individual students questions). Mr. Webster, Ms. Nelson & Ms. Keeton

3. Assignments will be something that can be completed at home (virtually submitted), so it may not follow directly where classes are working at this time. (Ex. Robotics-will likely have a different assignment as they do not have access to their LEGO's). A response through a Google Form will be needed to confirm assignments have been completed.

4. Attendance will be acknowledged by the student/parent logging-in to Classroom, and  returning the Google Form for each class. Each parent (and some students - age appropriate) will receive an "invitation" to each Google Classroom per Class that each student attends. A parent or student (or both) will need to accept the invitation, and then you will have access to your information/ assignments.

5. Ms. Rachel put together some "Virtual Field Trips" that students could do as well, should your kiddos get board during their time at home. These can be found at: Online Virtual Field Trips

Second, Secondary Students continuing with their Online Learning, with a few modifications:

1. Secondary Teacher Schedules will remain the same as before. Mostly 9:00 am -- 3:00 pm (shorter if the teacher doesn't have an all day schedule), on school days -- Monday & Wednesday

2. Attendance or Logging In to Classroom -- We discovered that just logging in to Gmail or Classroom does not necessarily "footprint" a student was present (meaning, we don't see anything), unless they respond by saying "Hi" or respond to an assignments (which assignments are delayed). We would like for students to "Comment by saying Hi, or something clever initially," as this will let us know they have started and logged in to Classroom, and lets the teachers know as well.

3. We are asking all Teachers to utilize a Google Form to allow students to respond to questions/information regarding an assignment, and/or Google Hangout (for video or discussions). Students can still turn in any longer assignments that teachers expect, but this allows teachers to print something that indicates students were in attendance more immediately, and that they are working on assignments.

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