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Parent University

          Just as our Part-Time Homeschooling parents are beginning or entering the task of homeschooling, so are our families whose student is Full-Time or recently transitioned to Full-Time status and needing different support. No matter what grade your children are attending, or if you have multiple children along the pathway of K-12 education, there are always ever changing policies and information to improve your knowledge of how to help our children be successful. The Parent University was designed to help further support both our Homeschooling (Part-Time) or Traditional (Full-Time) Parents and Students. The Parent University will expand the topics listed on the “Homeschooling” Tab by exploring further the high school and college “Need to Know Topics,” along with many other topics as well. Opportunities will be offered throughout the school year on a variety of topics for all ages.


Additional topics may include –


          -- How to help your child write better.


          -- How to help your child with math concepts.


          -- How to choose curriculum for your child(ren).


          -- Learn all the options/methods to accomplish the task of
                    homeschooling or various methods.


          -- Preparing your child(ren) for college/careers, scholarships, and
                    how/when to be ready for each step along the way.


          -- And much more…

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