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Parent Volunteer Opportunities

For any questions contact our Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Regier at

Parents, did you know that HOPE has many opportunities for you to fulfill your required volunteer hours?  Each position requires a 25 hour commitment spread out over the school year. Some positions require small amounts of time weekly and others require larger sporadic time commitments. In addition to serving your school, volunteering is a great way to engage with our staff and get to know more intimately what your children are doing at school.


Please look over the following information about each position--click on a position to learn more.  During registration you can sign up for your position at one of the registration stations, or click the link below to sign up right now and claim your spot.

If you have more questions about the positions contact Rachel Regierat or 720-324-6685 or Alyssandra Hossler at or 303-476-1162.

Sign Up Here
All School
Box Tops & Ice Cream Social Facilitator
Dr. Suess Activity Helper
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
Bulletin Board Specialist
Field Trip Coordinator
Grant Writer
Mon / Wed Afternoon Breakdown
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