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Secondary Program

Part-Time & Full-Time 7th-12th Grade

HOPE Academy Secondary Program


     The HOPE Secondary program offers pathways that can be utilized for Part-Time or Full-Time participation, which may include in-seat classes, college courses, technical courses, or supplemental online courses. HOPE offers a broad range of classes to ensure all students the ability to graduate and be ready for "Their Own Path to Their Future." HOPE Academy understands that students at the Secondary Level begin to develop different goals for career and college, and therefore, HOPE offers many pathways to accomplish post-high school experiences leading to a great life. We add in a little fun and wonderful experiences along the way with vast opportunities such as school social events, valuable field trips, student government, and much, much more.


     HOPE provides a college and career planning process, all secondary testing, and advice to ensure a secure academic plan for every student. Please see the Secondary Planning Guide below for more information.

HOPE 7th-12th Part-Time

HOPE Academy, in partnership with the homeschooling community, offers classes that support and enhance the learning environment of all secondary students. These experiences include many elective and core class options, extracurricular events, and opportunities that will complement any student's goals and desires for middle and high school. We are a full-service school that together with our Parents & Students focus on what each student will need to be prepared to enter college or workforce experiences post high school. 

Concurrent Enrollment & ASCENT

Students who are academically ready to begin considering college-level coursework can apply to participate in the Concurrent Enrollment Program, or take advantage of the 13th Year Senior Program with ASCENT. These options are only one added bonus to expanding our high school students ability to push forward with their life and career goals, and expanding their pathways.

Graduation Requirements

HOPE Academy utilizes the Jeffco School District Graduation Requirements as their minimum requirement for graduation. We counsel and advise students to reach for higher goals, class choices, and to acquire an excellent GPA, to match their career and college pathways/goals. Students who are college-bound incorporate the HEAR/Specific College requirements as a part of their planning process. 

HOPE encourages all students to always do their best to achieve their specific goals. 

HOPE 9th-12th Full-Time

HOPE Academy offers a broader course offering and participation level to support and enhance the learning of all secondary students wanting a Full-Time High School experience. Students can expect a broad range of core and elective class choices, which may include honors or college-level courses, technical courses, etc.. Our pathways are endless, and we work to meet the needs and desires of each student's dreams to enter college or the workforce post-high school. Students are expected to meet state testing requirements and graduation requirements.

The Individual Career & Academic Process or ICAP

The Individual Career & Academic Plan or ICAP is, "a multi-year process that intentionally guides students and families in the exploration of career, academic and postsecondary opportunities. With the support of adults, students develop the awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and skills to create their own meaningful and powerful pathways to be career and college ready."  -- The CDE  

HOPE Academy provides guidance and support to assist students in a successful pathway.

HOPE Academy Sports

HOPE is designated as a non-sport school by CHSAA and does not offer a sports program at this time. Additionally, Collegiate Academy (HOPE's sponsor school) does not offer a sports program, and therefore, students can participate in their neighborhood schools or at a school in their district of attendance. Please see the attached HOPE Guidelines for participation in sports activities.

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