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HOPE Academy provides an exceptional program to students in Kindergarten-12th Grade serving both traditional and non-traditional students. HOPE Academy is unique in its philosophy and structure by offering course pathways for all types of students wanting Part-Time for Kindergarten-12th Grade or Full-Time 9-12th Grade participation. To prepare for these life-long opportunities, HOPE offers challenging courses as well as fun and exciting experiences. We pride ourselves in providing social opportunities and a school culture that develops -- Each Student's Plan for a Future.


The part-time program was created around the original “homeschooling co-op philosophies” developed twenty five years ago when the original HOPE Program was started. We pride ourselves in offering a very unique program that supports the homeschooling community to help meet the educational needs of these families.

Our full-time program has been designed to fulfill the dreams and career paths of all high school students by expanding their pathways, potentially incorporating college-level courses, and/or technical courses, and much more. The pathways can be endless and are uniquely developed for each student.

 We currently have a location in Arvada, utilizing the Arvada Adventist Church Facility which is located at 7050  W. 64th Avenue. We are very excited to be able to use this facility, as the facility has wonderful classroom space, a gymnasium, playgrounds, very safe/secure facility, and much, much more.

The phenomenal options offered to the HOPE Academy Community include the program design and leadership by the original Founder and previous Director of the HOPE Program, Terry Johns, but also our amazing staff and teachers. HOPE is a free and accessible public program designed solely for the motivated student in mind. 

Our Facilities

HOPE Academy currently leases the Arvada Adventist Church in Arvada. We have separate classroom space for both Elementary and Secondary students for any specific class our students & parents can dream to create.

The property has phenomenal play areas/grounds and a double gymnasium for use to merely play, enjoy basketball,

or to perform on the full-size stage, allowing for the creativity of our great students to show off their talents. 

Our History

HOPE started back in 2000, from an idea to combine an already offered public homeschooling program in Jeffco School District with the opportunities of a homeschooling co-op philosophy. The phenomenal options were endless, and today the idea has developed into sites all over the Denver Metro Area in many different school districts.

HOPE Academy Arvada operates under the leadership of the original founder of the HOPE program, and has now expanded their offering to include full-time students & pathways. 

Our Exceptional Staff

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible teachers & staff to serve our unique community. The saying, "A good teacher inspires hope, ignites the imagination, and instills a life-long love of learning," is embodied at HOPE Academy every day.

We are nothing without the people who serve our parents and children, and they in turn serve us back - community!

Our Community

The HOPE Community can be described as a partnership between HOPE Families and HOPE Staff providing the best possible educational opportunities and support for each other. Our school culture is one of respect, mutual support, encouragement, integrity, compassion, and excellence.

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