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HOPE Academy Counseling Services provides for all aspects of college guidance counseling, including college planning and scholarship assistance, as well as social-emotional counseling and support. The overarching framework of our Counseling Services is rooted in the ACA National Model which is driven by student data and based on standards in academic, career and personal/social development to promote and enhance the learning process for all students.


A Middle and High School Adviser is available and Counselor as needed. Our Counseling program includes collaboration with school staff, parents, and community partners on behalf of, and for the advancement of all HOPE students.


Our Adviser/Counseling Department Provides:

Course Planning

ICAP (Individual Career/Academic Plan) -- 7th-12th Grade

New Student Orientation
College Representative Visit Opportunities
Military Day & ASVAB
Crisis Intervention Response

This page is still a work in progress! Please be on the lookout for more.
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