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Individual Career & Academic Planning


The ICAP must include (but should not be limited to):

     1. Career and college interest surveys.

     2. Written postsecondary and workforce goals

     3. Intermediate benchmarks and data reflecting progress toward those goals.

     4. Scores on assessments.

     5. Experiences in service learning and/ or work environments.

     6. Activities that establish connections between school-based instruction and the world of work.

     7. An intentional sequence of courses that reflect progress toward the postsecondary goal.

     8. Academic progress.

     9. College application(s).

     10. A resume or alternative work-based applications.

     11. An understanding of the financial impact of life after high school, including an education.

Students must start the ICAP process in 9th Grade and update their ICAP every year thereafter, until their 12th Grade year. (Students begin the ICAP process in middle school in many schools/districts, and HOPE Academy begins this process with 7th and 8th Grade students, allowing an early start toward the learning process for successful graduation. With the guidance of adults, including their parents, students build their ICAP using resources at school, on the web, and in their communities.

School counselors, educators, school leaders, and businesses can access an online toolkit (See Link Below) to help guide students (of all ages) on their ICAP journey and to assess and strengthen schools, districts, and institutions. Please see below the ICAP HIGH School Quality Indicators for further information about the depth of the planning process

HOPE Academy provides guidance and support for all students in 7th-12th Grade, assisting students to a successful pathway post-high school. The Individual Career and Academic Plan, or known as the ICAP,  has a strong, intentional connection with readiness for career and college. The ICAP is also aligned with other PWR programs in Colorado, helping students to prepare for workforce readiness, whether they begin college right after high school, or work toward a technical career.

Individual Career & Academy Plan or ICAP Information & Additional Benefits:

1. An expectation for high school graduation beginning in the 2014-15 academic year, and including ICAP alignment with graduation guidelines.

2. Required for all students and reinforced by programs, including Concurrent Enrollment (CE), Accelerating - Students through Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT), and career and technical education (CTE)


3. Connected with the Colorado Academic Standards and 21st Century Skills.


4. Embedded in multiple educator effectiveness rubrics as a student artifact and educator process


5. Appreciated by companies across Colorado who continually reinforce their high expectations of a student’s ability to articulate their transferable skills.


6. Connected with individualized education programs (IEP), advanced learning plans (ALP), career and technical education plans of study and integrated with students’ industry career pathways


7. A process that can help the K12 system stay in touch with relevant developments in the workforce and higher education.


8. A foundational tool that gives students ownership of a process that helps them explore their unique talents and aspirations, participate in career and postsecondary options, and create pathways to financial success after high school.

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